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Plan-a-pup is a free service where one of our experts will analyse your lifestyle and give you a list of suitable breeds to check out. Click here to download the plan-a-pup form.

We welcome good breeders who do all the health tests we specify (and have good results!). Breeders who test, only sell home-bred pups and give good after-sales advice can advertise here and in our magazine free of charge. If you are a breeder and want us to feature your litter, click here to download our application form. (We reserve the right to refuse adverts.)
DNA Health Testing

Information now available regarding which breeds can be tested for specific genetic diseases.

Click here to search alphabetically by breed, to discover which tests are available for your dog.

Click here to search alphabetically by disease to discover which laboratories offer testing for your dog.

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Welcome to Perfect Pup

Welcome to Perfect Pup – the revolutionary free service that makes finding your next dog much less hairy!

We know it can all be quite baffling. There are hundreds of types of dog to choose between and we want you to find the one that will best suit you and your lifestyle. We also want you to consider getting a rescue dog, but if you are quite sure you want a pup we will try to guide you towards the really caring breeders who do all they can to prevent hereditary diseases.

We've already helped thousands of people find their new best friend from the best possible breeders. Please step away from those who merely ask, "How are you going to pay?" Buy a badly bred dog and you'll end up paying big time; you'll be paying the vet or a behaviourist to sort out their problems. And the heartache of buying a puppy that dies early or suffers horribly with preventable conditions is enormous, so please – only buy from breeders who really care. We have strict criteria for breeders on this site – be very wary elsewhere.

Flick through our Little Black Dog Book to acquaint yourself with the growing list of nasty hereditary problems that dogs suffer from. It's a complex subject, but every litter advertised here has a breeder who has done everything possible to avoid passing on a problem. Don't support people who are breeding ignorant!

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Beverley Cuddy, Editor of Dogs Today and Founder of Perfect Pup

Puppy Farms - the horrible truth:

A word of caution, please do your research before you get anywhere near a puppy - we know so many intelligent people who have impulse-purchased from really dreadful places. Every time you pay for a puppy-farmed dog, you don't save it. These traders in canine misery are purely motivated by money, and every sale ensures that yet another litter will be bred to take your pup's place.

How to have the Perfect Pup Book

This is the most comprehensive guide to choosing your next dog, avoiding battery-farmed dogs and getting the early training bang on! It's glossy, substantial and includes meaningful vouchers that could mean you'll more than get your cover price back!
Click here to order a copy for just £7.50.

Our Little Black Dog Book is going to be a bestseller:

It's the most comprehensive listing of all the health tests available. It explains the tests and gives case histories of dogs that did suffer these conditions – the perfect guide for anyone who cares about the health of their future pet. It also includes a directory of breed and rescue contacts.

Click here to order a copy for just £2.50.
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